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A comprehensive licensed tour operator based in Rome. From our extensive repertoire that contains hundreds of different tour components, we put together unique travel experiences covering all 20 Italian regions, from the most visited to the most remote. Our specialty is our WOW! factor, converting English- and Spanish-speaking travelers into lifelong Italophiles! Selected Tours Italy has a proven reputation for customized and package travel experiences, following a ‘Slow Travel’ and ‘Slow food’ style that reveals exquisite elements of the Italian lifestyle.

Our expert Italian team and our trusted partnerships with local suppliers are the best in the business. We deliver to you and your clients the passion for Italian culture and that special ‘Made in Italy’ experience that tourists crave. Your satisfaction is our top priority! Let us show you the possibilities, adjust and broaden your expectations, because whatever you’re expecting isn’t nearly as wonderful as Italy can be.

ANA SERRA, CEO & Founder
s.r.l., via Carlo Montanari, 71 00192 Roma, Italy
USA Contact: +1 310 734 4828; mobile (0039) 334 398 7819, Skype: Selected Tours Italy info@selectedtoursitaly.com; www.selectedtoursitaly.com