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Yes! Instagram can help you grow

Ahhhh… the dark and mysterious magic of social media. This article is coming to you from a Social Media newbie! Don’t be afraid! We got this!

Instagram has a significant impact on the travel industry: 70% of travel enthusiasts use Instagram to share their travel plans, 67% use this platform to find inspiration for new journeys, and 61% find things to do on Instagram while they’re traveling. source
Two-thirds of 18- to 34-year-olds admit that the ‘Instagrammability’ of a location is the single most
important factor when booking a holiday. source

Here’s a few easy tips that can help


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Use high quality visual content

1. Infographic
Nat Geo Travel and Crooked Compass show beautiful, inspiring and high-quality imagery. Mix it up with photos, video and sometimes a good old fashioned infographic. The two photos above are courtesy of Lisa Pagotto, Owner, Crooked Compass.

2. Create an Identity
Build a constant presence by consistent and regular posting. Market your destination, your product, and your values so that people know what you are about.

3. Highlight Your Niche
Lisa Pagotto, owner of Crooked Compass, posts about “Exploring the lesser known side of our world through perspective shifting journeys”. #followadifferentpath

4. Use Social Proof to Build Loyalty
User-generated content can yield amazing results because when your customers post/tag you, it’s essentially the best form of marketing ever: word of mouth. Always remember the obvious: The single most critical marketing strategy is to deliver an experience so exceptional that your customers won’t stop talking about it.

5. Get a little help
Add a pro to your marketing budget – at least to get you started. Pros help you with ‘how to’ tips and show you how to avoid poor posts that lack impact. Consultant/specialists keep up with constantly changing trends, giving you a leg up. Ida Stanton, owner of Business Reach Marketing, is not only knowledgeable but affordable and authentic. Most consultants will offer an initial strategic exploration session at no charge to get the ball rolling and customize a program suited to your budget and target market.
Connect with a Social Influencer – Lilach Bullock writes that Influence Marketing is pretty much word of
mouth on steroids. Influencers are great for earning ‘likes’ and connecting with people who treat the words of their favorite Instagrammers as gospel. Influencers by their very nature have huge fan bases, helping you to get the word out and perhaps go viral. Click here to read her full article on influencers.
Lilach Bullock is a highly influential entrepreneur who is well regarded on the world speaker circuit.

Forbes has named her one of the top 20 female social media power influencers. She is a recipient of a Global Women Champions Award for her outstanding contribution and leadership in business.
Kelly Acheson, Owner, Adventure Engine Inc.,
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