Tech Talk – The lifecycle of a booking

Have you ever really thought about how much time you spent managing the admin side of a booking?

QUIZ: How many steps are involved in a booking? 3steps?______8steps?______12steps?

Yes there are at least 12 steps regardless of what type of operation you run – OH MY!

Multi day or single day tours, activities, trekking, rentals, events, charters, courses and more.

Today’s booking management systems are affordable and easy to use. You can save so much time by automating countless admin tasks that can consume your day.

  • automatically populate and update website with pricing, dates and availability
  • automatically send custom confirmations and payment reminders that include important campground info and policies
  • automatically capture guest registration info and payment in carts
  • automatically control availability of your sites

How much time could you save?

Def’n – au·to·ma·tion – to improve efficiencies

From personalizing your customer experiences to saving your team hours of production time, there are countless benefits to the world of automation. Hours are wasted every day on small admin tasks that can so easily be automated.

So why are organizations still hesitant to introduce it into their business strategy?  Automation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. So many think automation will reduce the customer service but in fact, it’s the exact opposite. 

You focus on the guest experience,  let your booking management system handle the rest. 

Look for a software company that does the programming and set up for you so the transition is easy.