Tech Talk – Why You Should Stop Using Excel to Run Your Operation

What motivates you? What is important to You?

  • Risk management?
  • Streamlining productivity?
  • Quick access to meaningful data?
  • Capturing critical guest information such as medical issues, passport info, flight info, next of kin, previous experience?
  • Controlling availability?
  • Sharing information with. Your team?


If you checked any of the above then STOP using excel or other spreadsheets to run your business!

Here are some of the most common phrases from people using excel to run their business:

  • “What the – – – -? I just lost 3 hours of work”
  • “Oh sorry, I sent you the wrong version, I’ll email the most up to date version now”
  • “Oh no! I used the wrong column in my calculation”
  • “Oh no! Another overbooking”


If you are still not convinced, here are 5 more reasons to stop using excel to run your operation:

  • Manual data entry is slow and problematic. Spreadsheets require employees to copy and paste or rekey data into the system.
  • Inability to share data.
  • Lack of real-time or historical data.
  • Difficulties in reporting and analysis.
  • Security issues.

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Def’n – au·to·ma·tion – to improve efficiencies

From personalizing your customer experiences to saving your team hours of production time, there are countless benefits to the world of automation. Hours are wasted every day on small admin tasks that can so easily be automated.

So why are organizations still hesitant to introduce it into their business strategy? The answer is short: know-how. But automation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. So many think automation will reduce the customer service but in fact, it’s the exact opposite.  Here’s a sample list of what an ‘automated office manager’ can do:

  • Manage Emails
  • Manage Availability
  • Manage Online bookings
  • Manage Agents
  • Manage items & pricing
  • Manage payment schedules and options
  • Manage vessels, kayaks, bikes, cabins, guides and all inventory
  • Manage guest forms and critical guest info
  • Manage users
  • Manage receivables, accounting and reports

How are you managing?

Submitted by Kelly Acheson,  Adventure Engine Inc. Owner.

Proud Canadian and proud woman in tech with 18 years experience creating booking management solutions for Operators in the Adventure Travel business.