The BEST of Italy

If life is a beach (with sparkling waters lapping the shore), Italy has them in spades: the Med, the Adriatic, the Tyrrhenian, the Ligurian, and the Ionian – not to mention idyllic sun-struck islands, cliff-side villages, fabled cities floating
on canals, medieval towers and castles, trellised vines surrounding stone farmhouses, silent ruins that whisper of the past, creamy gelato to savor and share, and a relaxing, utterly intoxicating ambience that soothes the soul… If your clients’ romantic vision goes beyond suntan lotion and straw markets, Italy is calling their names.

Let DRIVER IN ITALY show them the BEST of Italy, a destination that will not only expand their hearts but change their outlook on life! Added bonus: their custom vacation will hook them on European travel forever! Driver In Italy’s romantic weddings, poignant recommitment ceremonies and unforgettable honeymoons are real vacations since we take care of all the details, leaving the couple to concentrate on novelty, excitement, relaxation… and each other.

We work with you to provide the best arrangements within the client’s budget, properly paced to balance seeing, doing, rambling and relaxing, and always with experienced, hand-selected staff who are attentive when needed, unobtrusive when not. Suggest the trip that will leave your clients breathless – a romantic sojourn in Italy with Driver In Italy.

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