Tips of Jet Lag

The only negative side of a long journey is Jet Lag and reducing the side effects. Just as I was getting used to Business Class travel and having the luxury of lying horizontal for 8 hours Covid hit.  Post-Covid the  Business class and premium economy seats have become more expensive. Sadly now some of us will have to revert to the dreaded cattle class seats, meaning that we arrive at our destination trashed.  I have been asked several times for tips about how to reduce the side effects of jet lag. Here are a few tips apart from travelling 1st or business class, on how to reduce Jet Lag and have a more comfortable flight.

What is Jet Lag? Reasons for Jet Lag?  How to Reduce Side Effects

Jet Lag is the disruption of physical, mental and behavioural variations in our body that respond to light and darkness. This disruption may influence sleep-wake cycles, body temperature, reduction of oxygen, cabin pressure, noise, and low humidity that we all experience on a plane. The reasons which contribute to Jet Lag can be anything from, pre-flight conditions such as tiredness from preparing for the trip, and dehydration from consuming too much coffee, alcohol and other sugary drinks. We reach a period of flying when we want to reach out for comfort food or junk food, but all it does is stimulate us to keep going rather than fall into a slumber sleep pattern.  Water is the key to hydration when flying, and simple foods such as fresh fruit, juices and a little protein, stay away from high fat, sugary carbohydrates.

On arrival at your destination try to keep to a routine as per the time zone you have arrived at. For example, if you arrive early AM, and go to bed do not set the alarm, your body clock will wake you after a few hours of sleep. On waking drink plenty of fluids, and avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and sugar-laden beverages, this way you will quickly hydrate your body, go for a walk and enjoy your new surroundings, fresh air and body circulation are the key to recovery. You will then enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new surroundings. Most importantly do not forget to repeat all the above on your return journey home. Happy Travels!

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