Travel Confidence and Tips

The decision to travel right now may feel daunting to some, as the experience of navigating a “post COVID” world takes us outside our comfort zones. As things continue to re-open, you may still choose to stay in your bubble for the time being. That is fine! But I can assure you, that once you have negotiated your first travel plans post COVID, whether it be at home or abroad, you will feel more confident with new rules and regulations. I for one can’t wait to get on my first flight back overseas. I see this as a challenge to step out of my comfort zone, adapt to change and embrace the way travel is today. 

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your journey. 

1 – Keep it simple. If you are considering taking your first overseas travel since the Pandemic, choose 1 destination and not several as it can be stressful negotiating the several different rules for each country. 
2 – Be kind to yourself. Choose a holiday that will be relaxing and stress free. It could be an island holiday, a cultural experience in Nepal and Bhutan, or a Spiritual Camino Pilgrimage. 
3 – Slow it down. don’t try to pack in too much by traversing several countries in one holiday. 
4 – Practise acceptance. Many countries have different rules regarding testing, vaccinations and masks, for example you may need to have a PCR test before arriving in each country or wear a mask on a flight. Accept travel for what it is today don’t compare pass travel experiences. Be grateful that you can travel and most of all be patient as everything regarding travelling post covid takes longer! 
5 – Allow extra time! Give yourself plenty of time to allow for extra ques or safety procedures. Arrive at the airport 4 hours before departure rather than the advised 3 hours. Sit and read a book or brush up on your knowledge of your travel destination. 
6 – Remain flexible. Remaining flexible is more important now than ever as your travel plans could be cancelled before or during your holiday so be ready to accept and be impacted by changes. 
7 – Take Responsibility. Even if you book through a reputable travel operator, be sure to fully research your trip so that you are not relying on others to look after you. 

Overall, believe in yourself, and trust the people you choose to travel with. This is so important when there are added challenges to navigate.

Are you ready to get back out there?

Not sure where to start?

Wherever you choose to go, you can rest assured knowing that with us you will always feel supported and travel needs will be taken care of. Our guided tours of Australia and New Zealand are available now. And our international tours open up in October (first up – India and Nepal!)


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