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Our industry finds itself at a moment in time when clients are eager to travel even though many still have reservations. Help them to overcome those reservations – and actually make reservations – by offering them a wide range of private accommodations. Renting their own apartment or villa is a sensible response to their unease. CHARTERWAYS has an impressive range of possibilities in multiple destinations. Additionally we can provide good value hotels, private transfers, touring, rental cars and Rail Europe products. All accommodations are clean and meet all government protocols. One of our specialties is Villas in Italy. Take a look at our colorful website dedicated to Italian villas, available by the day or the week, which agents can share with their clients – The listings can be sorted by criteria such as location, size, amenities, accessibility, etc. The site is set up so that clients cannot bypass the agent. Displayed rates are gross. We are here to meet all your needs in one easy and simple stop!

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