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Tips for Updating your Profile

1. Make sure you have all the necessary details at hand before you start.

2. Complete each section in its entirety in one go, all mandatory fields must be all filled out completely for your details to be saved.

3. Check the message banner across the top of the screen, so you know whether each section has been saved.

4. All your Personal Details are private only you can see them, look for the (only me) symbol in that section

5. In the Business Details Section, your email address can be changed from Public to Private, by using the (change) symbol underneath that record.

6. If you don’t have another Language or any Affiliations just use the word None in those two sections.

7. These details are only visible for logged-in members of WITIA. The public can not see any of this information.

Please read above before you adjust your Profile here?

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