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From the Presidents Desk

Last year continued to be a challenge for the travel and tourism industry, our colleagues and our families. Globally there have been very few people —maybe no one? — whose lives weren’t
affected in one way or another by COVID 19. It’s been a long hard road for almost all travel and tourism businesses, and we have lost many along the way. However despite this period of
uncertainty and change, we have witnessed the incredible resilience and sense of community that binds our industry together. With border and travel restrictions recently eased in many countries, we look forward with hope and optimism as we begin the process of rebuilding. At the recent end-of-year WITIA function held on the Gold Coast in Queensland, I was delighted to surprise four of WITIA’s original Founders, now WITIA life members, with the presentation of a commemorative clock. Astonished recipients were Anne Isaacson Inaugural President, Beryl Ley – Inaugural Vice President & Secretary, Sue Holloway – Inaugural Financial Controller and Cavell Dorman – Inaugural Director of Marketing Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific. Our fifth Founder & Life member, Beverley Auerbach – Inaugural Director of Marketing Americas, was equally astonished when she received her commemorative clock during a dinner a few weeks later in Los Angeles with visiting WITIA foundation member Jill Schurmann. Congratulations to our life members and thank you for your contributions and continued support of WITIA since our inception more than fifteen years ago.
I am pleased to announce that WITIA’s Educational to Vietnam has been rescheduled to 21-28 September 2022. Educational host Varini DeSilva, President of Ceylon Express International, has arranged a comprehensive array of experiences that will give participants an excellent grounding in the culture, history and beauty of this picturesque country. The trip will include multiple networking opportunities that include meet-ups with local tourism professionals. Varini will be providing a preview presentation on the Vietnam Educational at the next Hand of Friendship member
Zoom meeting on 10/11 March (depending on where you are in the world). The Hand of Friendship Zoom links are emailed to members a week prior to the meeting.
With growing consumer confidence and an ever-increasing desire to travel, we are excited about what is in store for tourism in 2022.

Things are looking up – we’re glad you’re on the road with us!

Kind Regards, Leah


Global Partner Offer

In2 Travel Australia & Travel Weddings

With the motto “Travel is our business and our passion,” sister companies TRAVEL WEDDINGS and In2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA are independent inbound and outbound tour operators providing tailor-made tours and travel arrangements for groups and FIT clients. Since 2008 they have forged valuable industry relationships throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as extensive ties to wholesalers and suppliers in Samoa, New Caledonia, other Pacific islands, USA, Canada, Africa, India
and the Middle East. The company’s commitment to high-quality service and industry best practices are central to their continued success. They work hard to delight and please the client, which has led to a gratifying number of client referrals. Some keys to their success, for both travellers and agents:
Ask away! We can leverage our professional networks, business relationships and travel experiences to find answers and create exceptional itineraries. We handle everything. We can alleviate your stress, negotiate value-added benefits and suggest new, often unique elements that wow the vacationer.
We don’t sit still for long. You benefit from our rigorous ongoing training, careful inspections and destination fact-finding trips that make life busy but fascinating. Encourage your clients to dream, the first step to a wonderful vacation! We’ll make sure those dreams are realistic and can be comfortably realized.
Leah Gage, a native Australian, notes that In2 Travel Australia closely collaborates with cruise companies, hotel and apartment accommodations, car rentals, airlines, tour guides, attractions
and tour operators. She organizes individual and group travel, conferences, events, incentives and special interest tours. With the creation of Travel Weddings, Leah moved into the romantic travel niche, offering unforgettable proposal trips, destination weddings, honeymoons, vow renewals and babymoons – that
last romantic gasp before the onset of diapers and sleepless nights. Leah has brought her attention to detail and organizational skills to WITIA (www.witia.org). She has gone from WITIA’s Director of
Marketing Australasia to Vice-President to President in eleven years. Leah was the much-praised host of the 2016 Educational to Tasmania and the 2018 Educational to Samoa, experienced by
many WITIA members. She has also served as a committee member on the Southeast Queensland Branch of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).

LEAH GAGE, Director
4 Corack Avenue, Cambooya, Queensland 4358 AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61 414 344 269
travelweddings.com.au in2travelaustralia.com.au

In2 Travel Australia Witia Global Partner

Member Profile

Cinnamon Broceaux


Cinnamon Broceaux, President and Founder of Five Senses Culinary Tours, lives in Miami, Florida, a choice determined by two important life lessons: she moved there from the Virgin Islands (tropical!) and had once been a Chicago-based flight attendant with American Airlines (frigid
winds off Lake Michigan). Heat was definitely her preference. The other passion was food and wine, particularly the natural pairing of local wines with local cuisines. This fascination would generate a career; it was also a passion she shared with her late husband of 38 years, Victor Broceaux, a Basque native who was an excellent chef, food historian and Senior Vice President of Restaurant Associates. He also did the cooking at home, a much appreciated added benefit. It was no accident that the path to internationally-focused culinary tours ran through the United Nations. Cinnamon handled the Food and Wine Festivals for the UN’s ‘Delegates Dining Room’, a signature Manhattan restaurant.

She coordinated with top chefs and winemakers from Provence to Morocco, South Africa to India, highlighting each country’s gastronomy. She writes: “I firmly believe that food is the great cultural bridge that can bring together peoples of different nations. It is amazing to watch someone talk about their mother’s cooking, drawing everyone into the conversation, no matter where they are from.”
Wine does the same! Sommelier Cinnamon has made it her business to study the fruit of the vine. She
holds diplomas from the Château Loudenne in Bordeaux (Médoc region), the Austrian Wine Academy
(Weinakademic – WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits), the German Wine Academy (Deutsche
Weinakademie) and Sterling Vineyards, Napa, California, which use to host a wine school in the 1980s. In
her long career, Cinnamon has sipped and swirled in most of the world’s noted wine regions.
Cinnamon started Five Senses Culinary Tours after she left the UN in 1997, even as she took on
representation opportunities for tour operators and hotel groups that came her way. For the past 25 years, she has used her sales and marketing skills to promote travel projects, relying upon her belief that people crave educational enrichment. She feels it is essential to give her clients new perspectives as they enjoy the highest standards of service and customer care. With Five Senses, Cinnamon focuses on wine and food travel throughout the world, including the well- known regions of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. But she also goes off the beaten track: to Austria; to Morocco, South Africa and other destinations in Africa; to wine regions in the United States like Niagara-on-the-Lake and Long Island as well as California; to Chile and Argentina in South America; and even to an upcoming wine region in Thailand. Her products include well-chosen accommodations, river cruising and touring to lesser known areas such as Friuli and Alto Adige in Italy, the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico and others. Five Senses Culinary Tours prides itself on unique travel programs that emphasize epicurean discoveries through Cinnamon’s longtime relationships with global taste leaders. Her access is unsurpassed. As she notes: “Our success at bringing people together at the table has proved to be the best way to learn about different cultures and customs. We believe in mixing things up – we’ll have clients at a Michelin-starred restaurant one day and enjoying a vineyard picnic or dinner at a local’s home the next.” Cinnamon is a Board member of ASTA’s Florida chapter, a Board member of The Travel Industry Association of Florida, and a Co-Chair of the South Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF). A believer in the power of women’s solidarity, she has been a WITIA member since 2013. She writes: “I joined WITIA as I have always tried to promote women’s organizations…as well as women in the wine world.” When she needs a break from work, Cinnamon loves to get out and walk. “I am a big walker. Early morning walks get you to see a city or landscape differently.”

Miami, Florida, USA
Tel: (941) 266-4620
5senses@comcast.net 5sensesculinarytours.com
@cbroceaux 5sensesculinarytours.com/talesfromtheroad for blog.

We appreciate your feedback! Really. Do it.

Beverley Auerbach


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